From 12p/kWh

  • Standard: 12p/kWh

Tariff Name: Chris' Tariff 2

  • 5,000 free miles with our EV vehicle lease
  • Cheap off-peak charging 21:00-07:00 Mon-Fri, and all day Sat-Sun (98 hours per week)

From 8p/kWh

  • Standard: 11.98p/kWh
  • Off-peak: 17.42p/kWh
  • Peak: 8p/kWh

The 100% renewable GoElectric tariff offers half price off-peak electricity for both your household and your electric car from 9pm until 7am on weekdays and all weekend.

Tariff Name: Fix and Drive v7

  • Three tariffs depending on meter set-up
  • Standard, Economy 7 & Economy 10 available

From 13.06p/kWh

  • Standard: 18.79p/kWh
  • Off-peak: 13.06p/kWh
  • Peak: 19.82p/kWh

We love electric vehicles and we realised that we tend to do most of our charging at home, not on the road. Because of this we created a tariff designed to make charging your EV more affordable. If you’re anything like us then this tariff has been designed with you in mind. This is as good for the environment as it is your pocket, saving you £ 80* a year when compared to our Standard Variable Tariff.

Tariff Name: EV Driver 3

  • Discounted smart home charge point
  • Scottish Power smart charger app
  • Low off-peak rate 00:00-05:00 every day (35 hours per week)

From 4.74p/kWh

  • Standard: 19.18p/kWh
  • Off-peak: 4.74p/kWh

Tariff Name: SmartPower EV

  • Free smart meter installation, if you haven’t got one already
  • For dual fuel, smart meter customers
  • 5 hours of lower priced electricity 00:00-05:00 every day (35 hours per week)

From 4.7p/kWh

  • Standard: 20p/kWh
  • Off-peak: 4.7p/kWh

Tariff Name: Electric Drivers Energy Plan Sep 2021

  • 50% cheaper than typical Economy 7 night time rate
  • 4 hours off-peak electricity 00:30-04:30 every day (28 hours per week)

From 5p/kWh

  • Off-peak: 5p/kWh
  • Peak: 13.33p/kWh

Tariff Name: Octopus Go

  • 1/2 price Electric Highway charging
  • Discounted home charge point

From 10.31p/kWh

  • Standard: 17.54p/kWh
  • Off-peak: 10.31p/kWh

Tariff Name: Fully Charged

  • Free two year Polar Plus subscription or discounted smart home charge point

From 10.85p/kWh

  • Standard: 18.7p/kWh
  • Off-peak: 10.85p/kWh

Tariff Name: EV Everywhere

  • Fix your energy prices for 12 months
  • Get a smart meter installed at no extra cost
  • Drive for free with SSE with up to 8,000 free miles during off-peak hours typically 00:00-07:00 every day (49 hours per week)

From 17.61p/kWh

  • Standard: 17.61p/kWh

Tariff Name: 1 Year Fix and Drive

  • Two rate meter or compatible smart meter
  • Get a Zappi installed by us and receive £100 reward credit on selected tariffs, inc our EV tariff
  • 7 hours of cheaper overnight energy, every day (49 hours per week)

From 9.45p/kWh

  • Standard: 16.8p/kWh
  • Off-peak: 9.45p/kWh

Tariff Name: Charge EV

Figures last updated February 2020, but subject to change, with tariffs and/or costs able to be altered or withdrawn by each energy supplier.

Tariff details for Go Ultra Low Members have been provided by the energy provider, quoting a UK average unit electricity cost (p/kWh). For non-Go Ultra Low Members average tariff details are sourced either direct from the energy supplier, through desk research from the costs per kWh quoted by the energy provider in marketing material or, where this has not been available, costs are calculated on a young family in a medium-sized house, based in south east Wales.

Some tariffs listed may be able to offer lower prices via Economy 7 or Smart Meter-based systems. Where off-peak or peak pricing has been displayed, this is part of the 'standard EV tariff', rather than an option available for all customers. Individual quotes could vary from those above, depending on circumstances. Always research personalised quotes carefully before signing up to an energy supply tariff, factoring in any on- and off-peak prices, plus standing charges, costs vary by region and household.

All the renewable energy EV-tailored tariffs above include a renewable energy promise, with the supplier matching energy used by the customer with electricity from renewable sources.

Please visit individual providers websites to see full terms and conditions for any of the EV-tailored tariffs above.